How do we find missing/needed records?

The Power of Mobile RFID/Barcode Scanning

Extending the Reach: Up to 20 Feet

FileTrackerIoT sets itself apart by enabling mobile RFID/barcode scanners to transmit radio waves up to or exceeding 20 feet (5 meters). This extended range allows for efficient tracking of files even in larger office environments, warehouses, or storage facilities. No more time wasted on manual searches – with FileTrackerIoT, your files can be located from a considerable distance.

Building a Find List: Versatile Tracking

Proximity Sensing for Efficient File Retrieval

Auditory Proximity: Beeping Signals

Visual Proximity: Color Graph and Numeric Scale

The Art of Color-Coded Indexing

Color-Coding: A Game-Changer

FileTrackerIoT recognizes the value of color-coded indexing in file management. Just as a grocery store uses colored labels for different types of canned goods, color-coding files based on file numbers or names increases productivity significantly. This simple modification transforms filing into a visual process, eliminating cognitive challenges and making misfiles immediately recognizable.

Barcode File Tracking

Enhancing Productivity and Eliminating Misfiles

The adoption of color-coded indexing enhances productivity by simplifying the process of file retrieval. Staff can quickly identify the right files at a glance, reducing the time spent searching for documents. Moreover, the risk of misfiles within the system is virtually eliminated, as color-coding makes it easy to spot any files that have been placed in the wrong location.

Optimal Access through RFID Technology

Barcoding and RFID: Real-Time Tracking

FileTrackerIoT takes full advantage of RFID (radio wave detection labels) and barcode technology. It allows for the effortless tracking of folios, documents, files, and archives in real-time. The combination of RFID and barcoding offers a comprehensive and highly accurate tracking system that streamlines document management.

Tracking Folios, Files, and Archives

With FileTrackerIoT, you can track a wide range of items, including folios, documents, files, and archives. Whether you need to locate a specific document in an office or retrieve an archived file from storage, this system provides you with the tools to do so efficiently and with precision. Real-time tracking ensures that you always know the location of your critical documents.

Archive Management Made Simple

Intelligent Archive Tracking

FileTrackerIoT goes a step further by keeping track of which archive boxes or binders inactive records are placed into during the archiving process. This functionality allows staff to query the software database and instantly determine which box or binder contains a specific record. Additionally, the system provides information on the precise location of these archive boxes or binders within an archive storage system.

Effortless Retrieval from Archive Storage

The benefits of this archive tracking feature are substantial. Staff can retrieve records from archive storage with ease, knowing exactly where to find them. This capability reduces the time and effort required for archive management, ensuring that archived records remain accessible and well-organized.

Conclusion: Transforming File management with FileTrackerIoT

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