Why should we have interest in a physical file management system?

Human adoption.  Storage.  Networking.  All of these are substantial challenges for electronic records management solutions.  The question that we suggest you ask is ‘what makes us most efficient’.  Physical records will remain a part of your workflow, even with implementation of an electronic records/document management solution into the future or forever.  You have to address your physical records.  Often with implementation of an electronic records system, physical records are continue to be utilized during the conduct of work, and, then digitized after the business transaction has been completed.  It is not that you need to reengineer your records management to electronic document…it is expensive, difficult to implement and ultimately, staff want to use physical records to do their work.  The solution is improving your physical records management, and, if you wish, incrementally phase-in electronic document capabilities…but…give it time.  It takes time.  In summary, records management de facto encompasses physical and electronic records…use them both wisely.

You can increase efficiency by 90% simply by improving physical records management…color-coding of files, tracking documents-files-archives real-time, the ability to find missing documents, file or archives.  Your staff want to be able to do their job effectively, but, they need rapid access to documents and files in order to do their job.  You can do that with physical records management.  Electronic document management has many exciting and important capabilities, but, first look at how you can improve physical records management and how you can achieve organizational performance goals with enhanced physical records management prior to contemplating electronic records management or more dramatic business process reengineering.

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